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             ANTONIA PHOTO


I am an organizer of shapes, colors, textures and patterns. I am a hoarder of ideas and a storehouse of emotions. Driven by emotion and spontaneity, I create in the moment.

My work uses acrylic and oil, often using mixed media. I submit a glimpse of a person, place or time, not a perfect replication. Providing limited details allows the viewer to bring forward their interpretation based on their experiences. I offer a visual conversation.


Antonia (Ferrone) Orlando grew up in Utica, but has lived in Rochester since 1982. She has been an interior designer for 38years.
Creativity and design have always been a vital ingredient in her life. Painting is an extension of interior design. It just presents a different medium and canvas.  It has become a large part of her life. She has participated in many group exhibits and a solo exhibit.